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Take Down -- Richard Dawes
Take Down

Night Duty  Richard Dawes
Night Duty

Death Watch Richard Dawes
Death Watch




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We live in a world dissolving into darkness, irrationality, and chaos. In each Age of increasing darkness a few dauntless heroes appear to battle for the preservation of the Light. In the Megalithic Age, Valka the Wolf Slayer appeared; in the  American old west, the Tucson Kid; and in the contemporary world, Jack Slade. Each hero treads the Warriors Way, and each is a member of an ancient Order of initiated warriors called Dragons.

They move through a treacherous world dominated by dark, sinister powers, where nothing is as it seems, where violence lurks around every corner and down every dark alley, and one misstep means death. They walk a path narrow as a sword edge, where truth is an illusion, reality a mist that slips through the fingers, and the world as we know it merely a facade behind which move tremendous powers that care not whether we live or die.

The only way to survive in such a dark, ever shifting world is to tread the Warriors Way. Which means that one must become who one is; become one's own meaning, and create one's own reality. Only as a warrior can one beam light into an increasingly benighted world, organize the chaos, and maintain balance as one maneuvers nimbly through the darkness along the dimly glimmering sword edge.

Welcome to the dark, dangerous world of the Dragons...

Richard Dawes



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